Peak LED flashlights deliver a powerful beam in a durable compact package that is sturdy and reliable. If you are looking for a flashlight that is easy to use, then the Logan 17500 series is the handful of light for you.

Designed for the professional in mind, this flashlight has shock and water resistant epoxy sealed heads with unequaled light output to battery runtime. The twist on/off mechanism is the simplest and most reliable feature in the market today. These lights are built to thrive under the most severe conditions and survive where others fail.

Peak lights are always at the leading edge of technology, using the latest in electronics and LEDs. The Logan 17500 uses Quantum Tunneling Composite (QTC) Technology for variable light output. This allows you to adjust the light output from a dim glow to the brightest single CR123 battery flashlight available. The QTC Technology also increases battery run times when maximum light output is not required.

The optional battery compartment makes the Logan 17500 the first true ultra-high performance multiple size battery flashlight available anywhere. Maximum allowable voltage is 4.2 volts for the Logan 17500.


Product Features:

  • Cree XPG white LED with three different white tint outputs: Cool White, Neutral White, and High CRI.
  • Electronics are exclusively potted in Thermal Epoxy for reliability, shock and water resistance.
  • Two different standard beam patterns: Medium angle optic for general lighting needs or Narrow angle optic for longer range use.
  • All openings are O-Ring sealed for water resistance.
  • Protective windows are made of unbreakable polycarbonate scratch resistant material.
  • Positive battery contacts are made of solid brass.
  • Simple twist on/off mechanism for ease of use.
  • Battery compartment comes in two options: Pocket and Key Chain.
  • Reliable momentary tail switch available as an additional option with Key Chain battery compartment ONLY.
  • All Peak electronics and flashlights are Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA

Additional Options:

  • An available battery adapter kit for the optional battery compartment allows the use of 17500, 14500, 10440 and RCR123A rechargeable batteries.
  • CR123A, AA and AAA primary Alkaline and Lithium batteries and AAA and AA Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries can also be used.

Order Options:
Body Material
LED Color
Optical Type
Body Style

Momentary Switch - $15
(Can only be used with the Key Chain body style)
Body Material

17500 Delrin Adapter Pack - $20

All lights ordered through our site are custom assembled to your specifications.
Tracking information will be forwarded when your order is complete and shipping.

Because of the ultra-high output, Peak LED Flashlights are for professional use only and thus are not recommended to be used by children. Maximum light output can produce extreme heat and cause eye damage if flashed in face.